Wrangler Black Denim Vintage Shorts


The best priced vintage wrangler shorts around (Shipping is included in price!) ❤️ These Wrangler shorts are those pair of shorts that you never want to take off. Handmade from mens jeans, we recommend adding +4 to your normal size in pants.

Example: If you normally wear a size 28 in womens, we recommend grabbing a size 32 in these shorts! 

Size Chart:

Wrangler 27 = Womens Size = 23-24 or Size 00-0

Wrangler 29 = Womens Size 25-26 or Size 1-3

Wrangler 31 = Womens Size = 26-27 or Size 3-5

Wrangler 32 = Womens Size = 27-28 or Size 5-7

Wrangler 33 = Womens Size = 29-30 or Size 9-11

Wrangler 38 = Womens Plus Size = 18W

Wrangler 40 = Womens Plus Size = 18W - 20W

**IF THE SIZE YOU WANT IS NOT IN STOCK, please email us and let us know. We can custom make them for you within 1-2 weeks in your size.**

Please email us at howdy@westernlust.com if you have any sizing questions or concerns. 

  **These are handmade shorts. Color & distressed parts may vary slightly from picture**

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